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AedifeX, LLC
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ar·chi·tec·ture The art and science of designing and erecting buildings.

Based upon Client input, Aedifex, LLC will create an in-depth program of requirements and desires of the Client. This program will be used for preliminary design, pricing and scheduling.

Prior to beginning any design work, Aedifex, LLC will create a “Zoning Analysis” to determine Local zonining ordinances, State and if any, Federal requirements. This tool is also useful for Clients who are interested in purchasing or selling a property.

Aedifex, LLC uses drawings, renderings and models to clearly define the design, along with clear, concise cost breakdowns for items associated with the project. We believe in the rend1 importance of the client understanding the design completely, along with all costs associated with the design.

"The best reference one can receive is from a past client. The goal of Aedifex, LLC is to give our clients a high quality finished product, incorporating a pleasing and funtional design, while keeping costs to a minimum."